A Perfect Day & An Inspirational Blog

At the beginning of this year, I entered a contest on a blog that is very near and dear to my heart. The Balanced Blonde (originally The Blonde Vegan) has seen me through the early struggles of my wellness journey. When blogger Jordan Younger posted the prompt "Describe your perfect day," I commented immediately. Never in a million years would I have guessed how that one comment was going to influence me. As a result of participating in this writing contest, I had a two part revelation. Revelation #1: Perfection is attainable, but not how we might think....      

In my response, I described the weekend I had just had which included a visit from my best friend, yoga, perusing the farmer's market, cooking dinner together, and lots of great conversations. I also noticed how similar many of the other responses were, which lead me to the realization that the perfect day isn't lavish or expensive. It's not frivolous or excessive. In fact, most of the other readers had also said that their perfect day would include time with love ones, tasty food, sunshine, and an enjoyable activity like running or hiking. No body wanted to go shopping or spend their day at a celebrity party. This sort of got me thinking that maybe I can't have ALL the elements of my perfect day within the same 24 hours, but I can certainly incorporate one or two into each day. We can each have a little pocket of perfect in our day, whether that means cooking a favorite recipe or going to a favorite fitness class or calling a loved one for a good catch-up chat or even snuggling on the couch with a furry friend. Every day will have its high points and its low points, but instead of focusing our energy on those, we can embrace the in-between range and find ourselves perfectly content.

Revelation #2: Perfection and diabetes don't mix...        

One aspect of my life that I did not share in my response on The Balanced Blonde was how my blood sugars would look on my perfect day. I was writing from a real experience in which my blood sugars had been incredibly stable. I remember calling my mom after my friend had left and telling her all that we had done and my mom said, "Wow that sounds great. How were your blood sugars during all of that?" Because she knew how going outside of my routine can make it difficult for me to maintain balanced blood sugars. I was surprised when I realized I had not been dwelling on my numbers all weekend and yet they had been great! It was as if my body responded to the relaxation and pleasure of the weekend with a loud YES!! That weekend I wasn't focusing on having perfect numbers, yet I it was this weekend that inspired my description of my perfect day. Since then I have come to realize that the more I fixate on perfection when it comes to diabetes management, the less I will get the results I want. There will be some highs and lows, but the less I obsess over them, the more I will find myself happily in the middle range.

From this writing contest (which I won!) a small seedling of an idea was planted in my brain. I was so inspired by The Balanced Blonde that I decided to start my own blog with life balance strategies for the T1D. I will be talking more about ways to discover daily sweet spots  in future posts. In the meantime, I highly recommend checking out Jordan Younger of The Balanced Blonde. While she is  not a diabetic, what she shares about her own health journey is very relevant and relatable. She  also has a lot of great things to say about finding balance and living a life you love! http://www.thebalancedblonde.com

Comment below if you want to share some thoughts about YOUR perfect day :)