Low Blood Sugar Snacking & Low Cost Grocery Shopping

Snacking and shopping- two of my favorite things! In today's post I am going to share my favorite snacks (for lows and normal hunger) as well as my favorite snack shopping destination!

We've all been there. The moment when we feel a low coming on and we don't have any food with us. Panic sets in and all concentration is directed towards the mission to locate carbs, ASAP!

This has happened to me:
in the car
on a walk
in a meeting
at the gym
in a class
at a social gathering
The list goes on, because, let's be honest- lows can happen anywhere, any time. I don't know about you, but it seems to me that I especially tend to get low when I am unprepared.
Now, I try to keep myself well stocked with snacks in case of emergency- even if that emergency is just regular old hunger, and not a dip in blood sugar. I know there is a lot of talk in the health and wellness world about eating whole foods and staying away from processed products. I try to follow this guideline as much as possible, but sometimes I need to have those grab-and-go items ready for action.  I still try, however, to make healthy choices when it comes to buying packaged snacks. Here are my top 5 choices for snacking on the go or treating unexpected lows.
  1. Roasted, unsalted almonds: I always have a bag of these in my car or at my desk. If I feel a little bit of hunger coming on between meals, I can munch on a few of these and feel satiated. I love almonds because they are low in carbs, but have plenty of healthy fats and a bit of protein as well.
  2. Kind Bars: These I like when I need something a bit more satisfying than just a few nuts. I will usually eat a half of a bar at a time. My favorite are the 5 grams of sugar varieties- such as Caramel, Almond, and Sea Salt or Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt. Again, these are perfect for when I am hungry, but not looking for carbohydrates.
  3. Lara Bars: I love these bars for when I am gearing up for a workout or I will often pack one in case I get low on a hike. Made with only real ingredients, these are as unprocessed as it gets when it comes to a packaged snack! These are high in carbs and sugar than Kind Bars because they are made with medjool dates, but that's why they make the perfect option for treating a low blood sugar. Often I find I don't even need to eat the whole bar, although it's hard not to because they are so delicious!
  4. Annie's Fruit Snacks: These are especially great for travel because they can be stuffed into any pocket without getting damaged and you don't have to worry about them melting and making a mess! I rely on these when I need a quick sugar bump. They are high in carbs/sugar and help me recover fast from a low blood sugar.
  5. Fresh or Dried Fruit: In the last couple of years, I have started to notice that I am sensitive to fructose. I love fruit and it can be difficult for me to cut it out of my diet completely, so I have started to view it as a great option for treating a low. If I am home, a banana with peanut butter is one of my favorites, but I don't usually pack fresh fruit on the go. I have  found that the mini packs of raisins are great for emergencies, and like fruit snacks, they are easy to keep on hand. I have also started keeping medjool dates in my car- those are like candy to me! In fact, I highly recommend cutting the pit out of a date, adding a dab of almond butter and a few chocolate chips. This is my homemade version of a candy bar!
  6. And speaking of homemade- In an effort to reduce my intake of processed foods, I experiment with different homemade granola bar or energy ball recipes from time to time. Here is one I found on Ambitious Kitchen recently that I am very excited to try.

My favorite way to stock up on these snacking essentials is to shop online at Thrive Market. This organization offers warehouse prices on brand name goods, such as Kind Bars, Lara Bars, and Annie's. Everything is marked down 25-50% from the typical retail price. I have been using Thrive for over a year now and their variety of products has increased tremendously. Not only do they have healthy foods, but they also carry natural beauty products and environmentally friendly household items. I love being able to find specialty products (such as the ingredients for the peanut butter energy bites above) at nearly half the price I would pay at a health food store.. I also love to follow the Thrive blog for excellent articles on health and wellness, fitness tips, and delicious recipe ideas.
You can sign up for a free 30 day trial and receive 15% off your first purchase. When you become a member, Thrive donates one free membership to a low-income family. Thrive's mission is to make healthy living affordable for everyone.
Check out Thrive and take your healthy snacking to the next level!