Weekly Round Up

I am getting ready to head home for a weekend of family & friends, but first I want to share a few things that made my week better & some inspirational ideas.

This week I was all about making my own flavored water. I was inspired by this but ended up making my own version with lemons, limes, strawberries, cucumbers AND I froze watermelon cubes instead of using regular ice cubes. I made this in a large mason jar at night and then threw in a few water melon cubes before leaving in the morning. Such a refreshing way to hydrate!

I brought these to our work party last night... I was nervous to bring something "healthy," but they were devoured!! It was fun to watch people enjoy these treats without knowing the main ingredient. People were shocked when I started to reveal the recipe! I ended up dipping them in chocolate to add to the appeal, but in the future I will be making them plain for my own snacking purposes :)

I think I am addicted to stretching! It is the first thing I do in the morning, and I have been trying to add in an evening routine as well because I know it makes a difference in how my muscles feel when I wake up. Sometimes this is tricky because I just want to collapse into bed! This is a great way to get moving in the morning and I just tried this today and loved it.

Here are a few inspirational reads as we wind down this week and look towards the next.

Interesting perspective on finding happiness

Read this and join me in a self-judgement detox!


Best wishes for a restorative weekend!