Sun(day) Salutations & Some Recent Revelations

It's been a little while since I last posted, which is not ideal, but in my efforts to keep going on the #selfjudgmentdetox, I am just accepting that last week was a bit MUCH and it sort of sucked up my writing juice, but I know I will get back in the groove again. Today, however, I had the opportunity to attend an amazing community yoga event in Burlington, VT. I have never participated in such a large group activity before- except for my half marathon. It was an incredible experience to be united with a group of strangers in the practice of yoga for an hour and a half. While I am not an expert yogi, the practice of yoga has really resonated with me in many ways over the last year and a half. It helped me through the long recovery of a severe concussion. I have met new people through yoga classes. And I have learned more about my body, grown physically stronger and, more importantly, I have gained insight into connections of my mental, emotional, and physical  makeup.

Yoga on Church Street Burlington, VT


I have been through various phases with my practice: from wanting to do yoga every day to barely feeling inclined to stretch after a run. This summer, however, I've started to realize that I never regret the choice to do yoga. I always feel better after. More at peace with my body and mind, more grateful for my life and the lives of everyone around me. Today was certainly an example of that.

This week I have been thinking a lot about choices- such as choosing to practice yoga. In the moment, it might not seem like the "easy" choice to roll out my mat, but in the end I am always so glad I did. With diabetes, we often feel that we don't get to decide. No matter what, this is a condition that we cannot get rid of. We face a lot of decisions throughout the day, but ultimately, diabetes is not a choice. This can certainly be overwhelming if we dwell on it. Or, we can choose to focus on other areas of our life where we do have the freedom to create options for ourselves. One way is "easier" than the other. To dwell on what we cannot change is easier than to take action where change can happen.

For many of us, getting up and going to work is not optional.  BUT, the way we utilize our time from the moment the alarm goes off to the moment we walk into the office IS up to us. For me, I know that if I choose to set my alarm a little earlier than might seem necessary, then I have plenty of time to do what I like to do in the morning to set myself up for a good day. Sometimes that means a walk, other times it means cooking eggs for breakfast, or spending some time cleaning up my apartment. Sometimes, it even means staying in bed longer to read. While it might seem easier to just wake up, roll out of bed, and mindlessly fumble through my morning, I have learned that it is worth putting in the effort to create a pleasant routine to start my day.

This week, I encourage you to assess your life in terms of the decisions you need to make and the choices you can offer yourself. Choose yoga. Choose sleep. Choose books.

You choose you! I would love to hear more about your choices this week. Comment below or tweet @tristaj125 #youchooseyou.