An Ode to Midnight Lows

  Shaking and drenched in sweat, I wake up from dreams of chocolate. Check in just for the heck of it But I already know... It’s a midnight low.

Cookies, peanut butter, ice cream too Graham crackers, trail mix, I barely chew That blueberry pie is in danger But the brownies are the real game changer.

When the cupboards are almost bare I feel as though I've just had an affair. So I stumble back into bed Visions of cupcakes still in my head.

Whether or not I overate
Isn't really up for debate.
I give a bolus to counteract how I binged
Nothing like these midnight lows to leave you feeling utterly unhinged.

I cannot fall back to sleep right away Inside my brain is a mental ballet. My mind is just as full as my stomach The whole thing is slightly comic.

But it wasn't a total waste of time
For from that low, I've crafted this rhyme.

Comment below if this resembles any of your own experiences with low blood sugars in the middle of the night!