MYL 8 Day Challenge Recap & Weekly Round Up

Happy Friday! I mentioned in my post last week that I was participating in Jaime Mendell's 8 Day Master Your Life Challenge. Here's a quick recap of how it went and what some of my biggest take aways were:
  1. I loved having her email waiting in my inbox each day. Some of the specific tasks throughout the week were not necessarily "challenging" for me, while others were, but just knowing that I had a specific intention for each day was inspiring and motivating.
  2. As I mentioned above, some days were more of a stretch for me than others. This gave me the chance to reflect on which areas of self-care I already tend to incorporate in my life and which areas I have yet to tap into.
  3. I enjoyed the conversation that this Challenge brought up between me and my good friend who also participated. We don't see each other very often, so this was a fun way to stay connected during the week.
  4. Overall, I walked away from the 8 day challenge knowing that self-care is not only important, but it is doable. I CAN show myself love and I can do so in such a VARIETY of ways.

If any of you missed the Challenge, but are interested in learning more about self-care, check out Jaime's website. She just opened registration for her 8-week Master Your Life Course.

In other news... I have some good reads for you to check out this week! I hope everyone enjoys the first official weekend of fall... bring on the pumpkin spice!!

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