Weekly Round Up



Rounding up another week here! October is one of my favorite months of the year. The foliage up here in Vermont is really doing it's thing right now... (if you haven't noticed on my Insta feed). Here are a few highlights from my week:

1) Meeting Gabby Bernstein last weekend at a Tea Time Chat in Boston hosted by the W.E.L.L. Summit. I got to take an awesome yoga class to kick off the afternoon and then settled in with a hot cup of tea to hear Gabby talk about her new book "The Universe Has Your Back." I'm halfway through the book right now (reading it has been a highlight of my week in itself) and I can already tell I will need to devote an entire post to talk about all the wisdom Gabby shares in there!
2) Participating in Jamie Mendell's live webinar on Wednesday night, which was all about self-care. It was an awesome, very interactive discussion that gave me new ideas for how to give myself the ultimate care that I deserve.

3.) Big mugs of tea & hot bowls of soup! I never used to be a big fan of ginger, but lately I've been enjoying ginger & tumeric tea. This sweet potato curry soup (made with a few tweaks) was so delicious and warming- especially because it was made and eaten with friends :) These cooler temps definitely have me excited to enjoy all the cozy food and drink of the fall season!

4.) The best part of my week is yet to come: traveling down to Connecticut to see my parents for the first time in TOO LONG as well as one of my very good friends. I am so excited it was hard to sleep last night!

Here are a few other reads I found throughout the week that you might enjoy. Have a great weekend!

I realized I often "fall into the trap of seeking normalcy" and am beginning to recognize that odd days will happen, no matter what. This article was written for the general audience, but I think T1Ds can really benefit from the overall message.


If you're traveling at all this weekend- listen to this!

This list will keep you warm for a while.