I'm Still Here!!

I know it's been a little quiet here on the blog the last couple of weeks, but I haven't disappeared, I promise! I've been transitioning into a new job (again) and acclimating to living back at my parents' house. It's been a bit unsettling, as most changes are, but I have been focusing on staying present in the moment and prioritizing my current needs and desires. So while I haven't posted much on the blog, there has been a lot of internal processing going on that I will be sharing more of in the coming weeks. Part of the reason I haven't been outputting very much lately is because I have been intaking a lot of information and experiences. Besides moving and working, I have also been busy with three different courses: a five week intensive business class, an Ayurvedic course, and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition's holistic health coaching program. I am learning a lot in each of these courses and uncovering more about where I want my life and work to go.  I also had the opportunity to attend the W.E.L.L. Summit in NYC last weekend, which was an incredible wellness event where I met many inspiring individuals and further explored a variety of topics that I am passionate about. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have already seen some pictures from the weekend, but I will be posting a full recap on it here soon!

I have some ideas for how I would like to improve my blog and I am working towards launching my first program in January of 2017. Stay tuned for that and please leave me a comment, write me an email, or direct message me on Instagram if you have any thoughts, ideas or opinions on what you would like to see on the blog!